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Monster Clay Brown Hard
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Monster Clay Brown Hard



Monster Clay® Premium is a reusable, elastic, oil-based, sulfur-free professional clay.

Composed entirely of non-toxic and food-grade components, Monster Clay melts at low temperature.

It is completely liquid at a temperature of approximately 65 ° C, which is especially useful in the work of reproducing and altering “life casting”.

It has a special formulation that does not stick to tools or fingers.

Monster Clay has a low density and is about 25% lighter than the average of the artistic clays on the market. This results in a higher yield for the modeler who receives a higher volume of clay for each kilo purchased.

Each block of 5 pounds (2,268kg), comes individually packed in a convenient reusable package that can go directly to the oven and withstands temperatures up to 120 ° C.

For further handling information, read the literature accompanying the product.

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