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RS Oil Clay Hard
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RS Oil Clay Hard

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RS Oil Clay Hard - Developed by RS Sculpt Tools to meet a specific demand, RS Oil Clay Hard is a high performance clay that combines the characteristics of hardness and softness, standing out for its hardness and allowing a high degree of detail even though a clay soft, can also be worked as a soft mass if heated to the correct temperature. This clay is suitable for both sculpture and industrial design.

Formulated with quality raw material, and almost entirely hypoallergenic, RS Oil Clay Hard has a gray tint, preferred by many sculptors due to the contrast of light and shadow, and has its own qualifications to be worked in different ways.

Cold or at room temperature, up to 10º, the dough becomes harder and can be worked with tools for carving, hand tools, sculpture or dental spatulas.

Heated between 15º and 40º it can be worked almost like a drier plastiline, being extremely soft but at the same time it presents a beautiful body in density, and has an ideal temperature for traditional modeling. It can be shaped and blocked without much effort, allowing perfect welds on the material without having to heat two parts.

Melting occurs around 80º. It reaches a completely liquid state and can be used for casting. The melting process requires constant temperature control and the material must be stirred at all times, without which it is possible for some lighter components to come to the surface and heavier components such as the settling charge. This occurrence is normal and just stir to the dough that returns to normal. We emphasize that the clay should not be left over a heat source, or stove top, this may burn the clay without it being possible to reuse it. Remember that some of the clay components are flammable and can ignite with excess heat.

During cooling, and return from liquid to solid, the mass tends to contract about 3% of its volume.

Thermal shocks, such as high temperature melting, must be avoided as they burn RS Oil Clay Hard and small white lumps, similar to sand, can form. This means that it has boiled or overheated and is irreversible.

Tested in works with the most diverse types of imported and national silicones, no incompatibility was found for the product.

We do not recommend the use of sandpaper for finishing due to the hardness of the clay, it supports very thinner, lighter fluid and other materials used to produce a perfect finish.

In case of reaction to a component, it is recommended to stop working immediately with the material, wash your hands with mild soap and seek medical advice. In its composition we have Hydrocarbon based wax, beeswax, mineral and vegetable waxes, mineral oil and pigments.

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