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Sculpture Easel
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Sculpture Easel

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This easel was developed to the highest standards of professional sculpture.

For this reason, ergonomics have been designed so that the base can be used, almost completely eliminating the weight of the work, obtaining a smooth and soft rotation.

The trestle body was developed in steel with reinforced perimeter weld, ensuring resistance to great efforts. The body still receives an electrostatic painting.

The height adjustment system of the rotating base is made through a rotating plate that has the double function of adjusting the height and still serves as a support for tools, masses and debris collector. This adjustment takes place via a fast-forward trapezoidal spindle.

The aluminum base is machined on a CNC lathe, which guarantees accuracy in its manufacture. After machining, it is polished to give a semi-gloss aspect to the base.

The easel also has an MDF disk that is supplied near the base and serves as a support for the work, this disk or base is fixed with three brass pins screwed into the aluminum, this facilitates the exchange of these disks leaving the base free to be used in more than one job. Another important aspect is that the MDF bases supplied already have two holes with threads for fixing the threaded bar that will serve as a support or structure for the work. The user will also be able to modify the base lubricant, using more special lubricants that reduce the speed and increase the turning force or thinner lubricants that increase the speed and reduce the turning force. In addition, access to the fixing screw is simple and easy by simply turning the base upside down. The rubber ring does not cover the area of ​​the screw to facilitate maintenance and access to it.

This tool was developed to assist in the process of sculpting in all types of heated or cold clays. It can also be used to sculpt waxes at room temperature or heated that have higher hardness than extra hard clays.



Reinforced steel sculpture easel with 30cm height adjustment, fast-forward trapezoidal spindle column, swivel base in machined aluminum with MDF plate coupling system. Collector plate with dual function of adjusting the height of the central column, supporting tools and materials and collecting debris.

Locking system between the legs and also with the central column, this guarantees total stability without oscillation of the set, allowing a greater load on the easel.

The easel receives an electrostatic powder painting in black.

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