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Sculpt Tool Kit SW-1
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Sculpt Tool Kit SW-1

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This tool has been developed to the highest standards of demanding sculpture professionals.

For this reason, ergonomics have been designed so that the tool can be used, completely canceling the weight of the tip, either by changing the center of gravity according to the selected handle or by letting its bulb-shaped handle remove the weight from the tip.

The metal ends are made with steel wire to ensure greater resistance and control for the sculpture, in addition to a fixing and mooring system that ensures a set that supports a high degree of traction in the longitudinal direction.

In addition to these differentials, the cables are made of stabilized hardwood, ensuring that they do not present any cracks in the manufacturing process. After handcrafted turning, the imbuia has its pores sealed with carnauba wax, which gives the tool an aspect of vitrified and silky wood, preventing clays from penetrating the pores of the handle, just for cleaning using a dry cloth and soft.

This tool was developed to sculpt in all types of heated or cold clays. It can also be used to sculpt waxes at room temperature or heated that have higher hardness than extra hard clays.



Imbuia hardwood handle

Rolled brass washer

Carbon steel wire

Manual polishing

Weight 15 gr

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