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Straight Flat Rakes
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Straight Flat Rakes

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These tools were developed to the highest standards required by sculpture professionals.

For this reason the tip changing system is quick and easy to use. coupled with the interchangeable tip handle where ergonomics were designed so that the tool can be used, totally canceling the tip weight, either by changing the center of gravity according to the selected handle or by letting its bulb-shaped handle remove the weight from the tip.

The metal tips are laser cut, which guarantees manufacturing accuracy. After cutting, heat treatment occurs, providing better control of the process as well as the quality, hardness and flexibility of the metal tip.

These tips were developed to sculpt in all types of heated or cold clays. It can also be used to sculpt waxes at room temperature or heated that have higher hardness than extra hard clays.



10mm, 5mm and 3mm rakes

Stainless steel blade with heat treatment

Manual polishing

Weight 2 gr

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