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Stainless steel slick - ST-60-18.5-BDG
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Stainless steel slick - ST-60-18.5-BDG

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With RS Slick you can model the surfaces of clays and oilclays perfectly.

All slicks are made of stainless steel with memory, are cut and laser engraved.

Choose from 30 slicks with various geometries, shapes and sizes.

All formats have three versions, smooth edge (BL), edge with small serrate (BDP) and edge with large serrate (BDG).

The serrated slicks are for scraping more material, so we can use the slicks with large serrate to obtain a perfect surface more quickly and then use the slicks with small serrate.

After this second step, we use the slicks with smooth edges for a perfect homogeneous finish on the surface.

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